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SEASON 2: THE ARRANGEMENT Stages Hollywood Premiere in Hollywood North for Kyle West (Josh Henderson)

Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista as Hollywood actors Kyle West and Megan Morrison.

The Arrangement staged a Hollywood premiere in Hollywood North last night.

Passersby in downtown Vancouver did a double take at the red-carpet scene on Seymour Street. Especially after production closed down the block outisde the Orpheum Theatre and filled it with background actors as Hollywood stars, entertainment media, photographers and fans in bleachers.

What is The Arrangement? Hollywood’s version of a Cinderella story. In season 1, young actress Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) auditioned for the female lead opposite big star Kyle West (Josh Henderson) in a summer blockbuster. She didn’t realize she was auditioning for something else. A date led to her being offered a $10 million marriage contract orchestrated by Kyle’s mentor, Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan), who runs a self-help organization called the Institute of the Higher Mind. Lexa Doig co-stars as Terence’s wife Deann Anderson. The Arrangement started to unravel last season because of Megan’s hidden past and Kyle’s own secrets.

Christine Evangelista and Josh Henderson.

Last night’s season 2 sequences were of  Kyle West attending the premiere of his next film Kill Plan with his now-fiance Megan and accompanied by Terence and Deann Anderson.

“Fans” in bleachers.

Stretch limos on set.

Signing autographs for the “fans”.

Josh Henderson and Michael Vartan.

Lexa Doig  and Michael Vartan as Terence and Deann Anderson.

Did The Arrangement cast a hip Barry Allen for the red carpet?

Setting up on closed block of Seymour Street.

The Arrangement has filmed in the Orpheum Theatre before.

Season 1.

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