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SEASON 2: Amazon’s Messed-Up Superhero Show THE BOYS To Film Season 2 in Toronto This Summer

The Boys Season 2.

The Vigilantes.

People love superheroes but if you knew half the shit they get up to. — Billy Butcher.

A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

The Boys released a NSFW trailer today.

This messed-up superhero show streams on Amazon on July 26th this summer.

And season 2 is ordered and expected to get underway on June 17th in Toronto.

Toronto filming dates: June 17th to November 6th.

Cast: Karl Urban, Elizabeth Shue, Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, Dominique McElligot, Jessie Usher, Chace Crawford, Nathan Mitchell, Laz Alonso, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Kapon, Jennifer Espisito.

After a superhero races through Hughie (Jack Quaid)’s girlfriend, the devastated electronics salesman winds up working with the mysterious and alleged government agent Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) who exposes him to the ugly reality behind the exalted Superheroes. Their contracts, special appearances and general management are run by the powerful Vought Incorporated.

The Supes.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher/Elizabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell/Erin Moriarty as Starlight/Antony Starr as the Homelander/Dominique McElligot as Queen Maeve/Jessie Usher as A-Train/Chace Crawford as The Deep/Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir/Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk/Jack Quaid as Wee Hughie Campbell/Karen Fukuhara as Female/Tomer Kapon as Frenchie.

Source: Ontario Creates, Production Weekly.


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