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NEW SERIES: Kids Accidentally Launch into Space in Nickelodeon’s THE ASTRONAUTS Filming in Vancouver

The Astronauts

Update: Production suspended in mid-March because of coronavirus concerns,

A group of kids accidentally launch themselves into Space in a Nickelodeon-Imagine Kids co-production filming in Vancouver.

Working title: The Astronauts.

Filming dates: February 12th to April 19th.

Episodes: 10.

Cast: Miya Cech, Bryce Gheisar, Keith L. Williams, Kayden Grace Swan, Ben Daon and Paige Howard.

Showrunner: Daniel Knauf

Producers: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Stephanie Sperber, Daniel Knauf

In the series, the almost-finished spaceship Odyssey II is about to launch into space with the world’s leading scientists to investigate a mysterious asteroid passing by earth. After a dare gone wrong, a group of kids accidentally launch the ship, putting them in the path of an asteroid. Without any proper training, they embark on a journey of survival using their smarts and friendship as their tools, as their parents watch from back on earth and attempt to guide them to safety.

Star Trek’s Number One aka Jonathan Frakes is in Vancouver prepping to direct the second episode.

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