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PREVIEW: Disney+ THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY Series With Tony Hale Filming in Vancouver

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Disney+’s adaptation of The Mysterious Benedict Society, with Tony Hale as twins Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain, was featured at Disney’s Investors Day today.

Tony Hale.

Placed undercover at a boarding school known as The Institute, a group of orphans must foil a nefarious plot with global ramifications while creating a new sort of family along the way. Based on the bestseller by Trenton Lee Stewart which Time magazine called “one of the best young adult books of all time,” the series stars Emmy Award winner Tony Hale (Veep) in the titular role and features a standout ensemble of young actors.

The Mysterious Benedict Society has been filming in Vancouver since the summer.

Filming dates: August 26th to January 19th, 2021.

Cast: Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Emmy DeOliveira, Seth Carr and Marta Timofeeva.

Kristen Schaal, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Emmy DeOliveira, Seth Carr and Marta Timofeeva. Dealine composite.

Image via Deadline.

What’s it about?

In Trenton Lee Stewart and Diana Sudyka’s books, four gifted children — Reynie Muldoon, George “Sticky” Washington, Kate Wetherall, and Constance Contraire — form the Mysterious Benedict Society and investigate an institution called L.I.V.E.

Kristin Schaal is eccentric Number Two, one of Mr. Benedict’s loyal lieutenants.

MaameYaa Boafo is Rhonda, Mr. Benedict’s other trusted lieutenant.

Ryan Hurst is deadpan Milligan, a proctor with the Mysterious Benedict Society.

Mystic Inscho is good-hearted, calm and reasonable Reynie Muldoon.

Emmy DeOliveira is self-contained Kate Weatherall.

Seth Carr is George ‘Sticky’ Washington.

Marta Timofeeva is  smart-mouthed tiny girl Constance Contraire.

Gia Sandhu is  Ms. Perumal. Reynie’s tutor at the orphanage,

“Are you a gifted child looking for special opportunities?” Dozens of children respond to this peculiar ad in the newspaper and are then put through a series of mind-bending tests, which readers take along with them. Only four children–two boys and two girls–succeed. Their challenge: to go on a secret mission that only the most intelligent and inventive children could complete. To accomplish it they will have to go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, where the only rule is that there are no rules. But what they’ll find in the hidden underground tunnels of the school is more than your average school supplies. So, if you’re gifted, creative, or happen to know Morse Code, they could probably use your help.

Showrunners: Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin.

Writer/Producers: Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.

On location:

Fleet of French Citroën cars in Gastown..

Spanish Banks.

Currently filming at Britannia Mines.


Team Mysterious Benedict Society won the Reel Thanksgiving Challenge, raising over $65,000 for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

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