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Tyler Hoechlin’s SUPERMAN in Downtown Vancouver Goes Viral on TikTok This Week

Screencap of Michael John/@pigarpigars TikTok

A Superman TikTok video, with Tyler Hoechlin interacting with a fan in downtown Vancouver, went viral this week.

Update: Hearing from fans it went viral because of Tyler Hoechlin’s “super booty”.

The Superman & Lois series took over the 1100 block of Melville Street last Tuesday afternoon drawing a crowd of spectators to watch Superman face off against a season 3 villain in Metropolis.

Look at all the fans filming with their phones.

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Screencaps of Michael John/@pigarpigars TikTok.

Tyler when’s Teen Wolf coming out? – fan.

I don’t know Man. – Tyler Hoechlin.

Tell me – fan.

They haven’t told me. I promise you they haven’t told me. I don’t know, yet. – Tyler Hoechlin.

A happy non-plussed Tyler Hoechlin waves to fans.

Frog Photography/@frogphoto.

The “super-booty”.

NewWestBoy (@CaptCanuck66) images

Superman & Lois Season 3 started filming after Labour Day in metro Vancouver and is expected to premiere mid-season on The CW.

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