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Alexander Ludwig Meets Fans on EARTH ABIDES Vancouver Set

Alexander Ludwig from Heels and Vikings met some fans in downtown Vancouver this weekend on the set of his new MGM+ sci-fi series Earth Abides.

The post-plague series has a similar vibe to The Last of Us with its abandoned cars and overgrown streets — so similar that the set went viral on social media as a The Last of Us set.

But Earth Abides is set in post-plague San Francisco/Berkeley and The Last of Us season two in post-apocalyptic Seattle (and Jackson, Wyoming).

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Earth Abides follows Ish (Alexander Ludwig), a brilliant but solitary young geologist living a semi-isolated life. who awakens from a coma only to find that there is hardly anyone left alive but him.

A plague of unprecedented virulence has swept the globe — and yes, there are a few scattered survivors, but there are no rules. His journey is to learn the difference between sanctuary and survival, and to open his heart to love, if he is to find meaning in his life after the great machine of civilization has broken down.

Emma (Jessica Frances Dukes) is the polar opposite of Ish — fearless in body and mind, and the heartbeat of the new world they set out to build.

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It’s very special to reintroduce Earth Abides to fans of George Stewart’s seminal work of science fiction, as well as to a new generation. The story’s messages of humanity, hope and compassion are as relevant today as they were nearly a century ago.” — MGM+ head Michael Wright said in a statement.

Earth Abides:

Episodes: 6.

BC filming dates: April 08 2024 – June 21 2024

Showrunner: Todd Komarnicki.

Cast: Alexander Ludwig, Jessica Frances Dukes.

Producers: Brightlight Pictures, Lighthouse Pictures, MGM+

Filming in Vancouver:

Cloverdale as Berkeley, California.

Paul Orazietti/@Paradeguy images.

Cloverdale shoot with Stanley the buffalo.