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CBS Medical Sleuthing Series WATSON With Morris Chestnut in Production in Vancouver

The new House?

CBS medical sleuthing series Watson, starring Morris Chestnut, is in production in Vancouver after a week shooting in Pittsburgh as Pittsburgh.

Larry Teng i s in the Director’s chair for the series premiere of this new spin on Sherlock Holmes’s famous partner Dr. John Watson.

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A year after the death of his friend and partner Sherlock Holmes at the hands of Moriarty, Dr. John Watson (Morris Chestnut) resumes his medical career as the head of a Pittsburgh clinic dedicated to treating rare disorders.

Watson is a medical show with a strong investigative spine, featuring a modern version of one of history’s greatest detectives as he turns his attention from solving crimes to addressing the greatest mystery of all: illness, and the ways it disrupts our lives

And there’s a twist.:

Watson’s old life isn’t done with him, though – Moriarty and Watson are set to write their own chapter of a story that has fascinated audiences for more than a century

The Team:

Morris Chestnut as Dr. John Watson, head of a Pittsburgh clinic dedicated to treating rare disorders.

Rochelle Aytes as Dr. Mary Morstan, one of the best surgeons on the East Coast, and the Medical Director of the hospital. She is also Dr. Watson’s ex-wife.

Peter Mark Kendall as twins Dr. Stephens Croft and Dr. Adam Croft. Stephens specialized in infectious diseases at John Hopkins while Adam excelled in athletics, until an injury led him to functional medicine at Boston University. 

Eve Harlow as mysterious neurologist Dr. Ingrid Derian, whose ruthless and sometimes questionable practices remind Watson of his late friend Sherlock Holmes.

Inga Schlingmann. as Dr. Sasha Lubbock, who double-boarded in rheumatology and immunology. Dr. Watson recruited her from one of the world’s most prestigious genetics clinics.

Ritchie Coster as Shinwell Johnson, a Brit and tough guy who serves as an “administrative aide” at the new clinic.

Watson Season One:

Filming dates: June 17 2024 – November 22 2024

Showrunner: Craig Sweeny

Cast: Morris Chestnut, Rochelle Aytes, Peter Mark Kendall,  Ritchie Coster, Eve Harlow, Inga Schlingmann.

Soundstages: The Bridge Studios.

Producers: Kapital Entertainment, CBS Studios.