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SCHOOL SPIRITS Season 2 With Peyton List Goes Into Production in Vancouver

High school can feel like an eternity. For some students at Split River High . . .It literally is. 

Now that Peyton List’s ghost Maddie has solved her own murder, can she reclaim her stolen life in season 2 of School Spirits filming in Vancouver.

To do that, Maddie “must unite her friends in the spectral and living worlds”.

Season One cast is all returning: Peyton List as Maddie, Milo Manheim as Wally, Kristian Ventura as Simon, Spencer MacPherson as Xavier, Kiara Pichardo as Nicole, Josh Zuckerman, Sarah Yarkin as Rhonda, Nick Pugliese as Charley, Rainbow Wedell as Claire and Josh Zukerman as Mr. Martin plus new additions Jess Baros as Janet Hamilton, Zack Calderon as Diego Herrera, Miles Eliot as Yuri and Cihang Ma as Quinn.

Maria Dizzia as Maddie’s mom, Patrick Gilmore as Mr. Anderson and Ian Tracey as Sheriff Baxter will recur..

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The Paramount+ series got new life on Netflix late last year, making the global streamer’s Top 10 TV (English) for the week of December 11th to 17th.

And Nielsen’s Top 10 Original Streaming Chart for another three weeks.

Season One of School Spirits filmed in Vancouver in the summer/Fall of 2022.

School Spirits Season 2.

Filming dates: June 17 2024 – September 05 2024

Cast: Peyton List, Milo Manheim, Kristian Ventura, Spencer MacPherson , Kiara Pichardo , Sarah Yarkin, Nick Pugliese, Rainbow Wedell, Jess Gabo, Zack Calderon, Miles Elliot,  Cihang Ma.

Producers: Awesomeness TV, Paramount Plus.