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Life Sciences Centre

EMILY OWENS M.D. Filming at University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Centre – Updated

Tonight on hospital dramedy Emily Owens M.D., Emily (Mamie Gummer) vies with her high-school nemesis Cassandra (Naomi King’) to be Dr. Bandari’s research assistant and to stop Cassandra from getting more time with Emily’s crush Will (Justin Hartley) in episode four. But will it work? Cassandra will do anything in her pursuit of Will and seems to be succeeding, as we see from a scene for upcoming episode eleven filmed last week at the University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Centre dressed as Denver Memorial Hospital.

Emily Owens M.D. crew filmed a tracking shot last Thursday of Emily and her friend Tyra (Kelly McCreary), the lesbian daughter of the chief of surgery, standing in line at the prop Get Your Fix coffee cart as background performers carried floral arrangements from the prop Kiss and a Rose flower company van into the Life Sciences Centre, where other crew was setting up a gala set in the atrium. Emily and Tyra are joined in line by Cassandara and Will, also carrying garment bags. So of the main cast, I got a chance to see everyone on location but surgical resident Dr. Mica Barnes (Michael Rady) and rock star surgeon Dr. Gina Bandari (Necar Zadegan). If I’d stayed for the night shoot inside the atrium of the Life Sciences Centre, I might have seen the cast all dressed up to film the hospital gala scenes but hopefully will get the chance to see it on screen.

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EMILY OWENS M.D.’s Justin Hartley: A Worthy Crush – Updated

With Emily Owens M.D. sadly heading for cancellation, I took advantage of a big shoot at the University of British Columbia’s Life Sciences Centre last week to take some photos of Emily’s med school crush — Justin Hartley’s surgical intern Will Collins. No stranger to Vancouver, Smallville’s Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is definitely worthy of Emily’s romantic obsession.

Mamie Gummer’s Emily awkwardly confessed her love for Will in the season premiere and got shot down kindly, only to discover at episode’s end that her high school nemesis, Aja Naomi King’s Cassandra Kopelson, is pursuing a receptive Will.  Backtracking from embarrassment, Emily tries to pretend she is Okay with Will’s rejection until he clarifies that he does care for her but doesn’t want to wreck their friendship.

Last week, Emily fruitlessly looked for flaws in Will as he stripped off his shirt in front of her. Later he brought her a banana and a condom as a visual aid for her high school talk on safe sex and then helped her work off her anger at a STD boy recklessly infecting high school girls by teaching her how to bat balls off the roof of the Life Sciences Centre. So it doesn’t look like Emily will get over Will any time soon, even as Cassandra proves willing to do anything to get him, as we can see below in this scene from the [eleventh] episode.

But with Emily Owens M.D possibly wrapping filming in two more episodes, I anticipate a happy ending for Emily and her crush [Update: I’m not so sure about that now that the show is definitely wrapping at thirteen. Emily was “Done with Will” by the end of this episode after he showed himself to be blind to Cassandra’s rudeness at the gala. Her patience has run out. Maybe a different happy ending is in store for her.]

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