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Welcome Back Baby – Look What Returns for Supernatural’s Season Seven Finale – Updated

Supernatural has been tough on the Winchester brothers and their fans in season seven, taking away so much of what they love — starting with angel-turned-God Castiel (Misha Collins) in the second episode and then Bobby (Jim Beaver) before Christmas in the heart-breaking episode ten, where the fatally-shot father figure comes out of a coma briefly for a final few moments with his beloved “idjits”. Gradually though, these loved ones are returning, albeit in different forms. Castiel is back but sadly and hilariously cuckoo-bananas after too long in the cage with Lucifer. And Bobby is back but as a ghost and a potentially vengeful one at that.

So that leaves Dean’s beloved black Impala unaccounted for, missing since Halloween when two Leviathans took on the forms of Sam and Dean to drive acoss the country in their own black Impala staging a series of public mass killings in the appropriately-titled episode six, Slash Fiction.

Ever since the Impala went into hiding, I have been looking for it each time I found Supernatural filming on location, scouting the area only to discover yet another in the series of not-the-Impalas. I did enjoy the SMD license plate on the chocolate crap-car-of-the-week though. That was a nice touch.

And let’s not forget the bright orange monstrosity driven in last Friday’s There Will Be Blood.

But enough is enough. Producers assured Jensen Ackles that the Impala would be back and it seems they saved the best for last. At a season finale shoot a month ago, not far from the Supernatural studios, look what I found parked on the road.

It was one of three Impalas on set that day. Further down the road at the Nokia head office dressed as Dick Roman’s latest acquisition Sucrocorp, the second Impala Read More »Welcome Back Baby – Look What Returns for Supernatural’s Season Seven Finale – Updated

Alpha Vampire’s Mansion in #Supernatural’s There Will Be Blood – Updated

Back in late March, I did a double take walking up Granville Street in the rain towards the Shannon Mews estate in Vancouver. All of sudden, Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki rounded the corner below on scooters, turning into the lane where the extras van is waiting, on their way to their trailers parked behind the church. It was a hilarious sight, especially 6′ 4″ Padalecki astride the tiny bike. While I did have a camera in my pocket, I couldn’t get it out in time so you’ll have to imagine how funny the two Js looked riding these mini-bikes.

‘They must have used the bikes as a fun way to get to and from the shoot on the grounds of the Shannon Mews estate where they filmed scenes of Sam and Dean sitting in the orange not-the-Impala looking at the main mansion and then walking up to the front door.

And  then inside the mansion which plays the home of the Alpha Vampire (Rick Worthy) from last season. From a sneak peek, it seems that in order to kill Leviathan head Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart), the Winchester brothers must wash a bone in the three bloods of the fallen: the blood from a fallen angel, which could be Castiel (Misha Collins)’s; the blood from the ruler of fallen humanity, which could be Crowley (Mark Sheppard)’s; and the blood from the father of fallen beasts, which could be the Alpha Vampire’s from last season’s Live Free or Twihard, the first episode of Supernatural I ever saw being filmed.

Read More »Alpha Vampire’s Mansion in #Supernatural’s There Will Be Blood – Updated

Spoilers from #Supernatural Season Seven Finale Scenes in Gastown – Updated

It seems Bobby Singer is still angry with Dick Roman, the Leviathon CEO, for shooting him dead. Supernatural filmed a season finale scene last night in Gastown of Jim Beaver as Bobby staring at a Dick Roman news item on an array of flat screen TVs for sale in the window of an electronics store set.

Across Carrell Street outside the Blarney Stone, a dozen fans watched the filming, spinning theories about what we were seeing. We think it’s ghost Bobby not a come-back-to-life Bobby, but it’s only a guess. We’ll have to wait for the season finale to air to find out.

In between takes, some watched the Vancouver Canucks lose their first playoff game on the big screen inside the pub. I retreated to the back of the Coffee Bar at 12 Water Street to warm up, dry out, and use wifi. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a handsome man in blue come out of the Boneta Restaurant to talk on his phone in the inner courtyard. It was Misha Collins, dining where Supernatural had set up a holding area for background performers in the late shoot, even though crew said he had no scenes that night.

Later he and his companion walked past the electronics store set to chat with crew and Jim Beaver. And as only I can do, I took a photo of Misha Collins where I’m the only who knows he’s in it (he’s one of the shadowy figures on the right).

While it was great to see Jim Beaver on set again, we were hoping for the return of something else too — the Impala. Read More »Spoilers from #Supernatural Season Seven Finale Scenes in Gastown – Updated


Published August 15, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome

Gastown played host to Supernatural’s Winchester Brothers and their signature black Impala late last week for an epic two-day shoot which went past curfew hours on both Thursday and Friday nights. Since the show’s two stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki, don’t film downtown that often, this ranked as a big event in the Supernatural world. Local fans mobilized on Twitter for the chance to see their boys filming scenes of season seven’s fourth episode, Defend Your Life, apparently set in Dearborn, Michigan.

Filming notices posted in the impacted areas of Gastown and the downtown Eastside said the City of Vancouver had given Supernatural permission to film late both nights based on the positive results of a poll conducted in the neighbourhood. Around 10 p.m. on Thursday night, I watched crew hoist a film light from a genie parked outside Incendio’s, a light that would illuminate a block of Alexander street to film a scene of a vehicle chasing a pedestrian west towards the Gassy Jack statue and up onto the sidewalk on the north side. Suddenly a man with waist-length grey hair stormed past me, shouting “What is that noise?” I watched him argue heatedly with police and crew long after the light was up and quiet. I can only imagine the ruckus that happened at 1 a.m. when filming was expected to wrap, the light lowered and equipment packed into trucks. I might feel more sympathetic if it was my neighbourhood, but I was there to photograph the spectacle of Gastown lit up.

On Friday night, Supernatural had permission to film until 2:30 a.m. This time the big light was parked in Chinatown and hoisted closer to 10:30 p.m. to what looked like ten stories above street level. From there, it shone like moonlight on Carrall Street two blocks north to film another scene of a pedestrian being chased by a vehicle, this time into an alley. As I walked towards the closed-off, wetted-down 300 block of Carrall Street, I spied Supernatural’s smoke machines filling it with fake smoke. As actor Jim Beaver once explained about the show’s beautiful lighting: “Its texture is due to expertly placed lights seen through fake smoke. Lovely to breathe day in, day out”. That’s a bit of sarcasm. I can attest to its acrid, foul stench and wouldn’t want to be the crew guy who sat next to one on a Carrall Street bench. By the time I got there, quite a large crowd had gathered at the north end of the block near the Rainier Hotel to gawk at the crime scene with yellow tape, a Dearborn police car and Wayne Country Coroner’s van. I left around 11 p.m. before filming started but I expect the location only got rowdier, situated as it was on the edge of the Gastown party zone, less than half a block away from the Blarney Stone pub.

Supernatural actually began its two-day shoot in Gastown in the Blarney Stonemid-afternoon Thursday with four to five dozen extras inside. When I walked by I saw blacked-out windows for all interior scenes so I didn’t linger. I did plan to return for an exterior scenes with Jared Padalecki at the Rainier Hotel and Jensen Ackles in a suit buying flowers at Greenstems Floral on Abbott Street. Read More »BIG READ: SUPERNATURAL in Gastown

BIG READ – Working the Comic Con Craziness in 2011 – Updated

Published July 21, 2011 on Vancouver is Awesome

How’s this for Comic-Con craziness? Twihards starting lining up outside the San Diego Convention Center three days early (on Monday) to be among the six thousand lucky enough to get into The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 1 panel in Hall H, which took place just before lunchtime today. Breaking Dawn 1 was the first panel in Hall H so that Twihards couldn’t ruin Comic-Con like they usually do. What’s even more crazy? That the vampires and werewolves of the mainly Vancouver-shot Breaking Dawn 1 aren’t the most popular panel of the hundreds at Comic-Con 2011. Not even close. That honour belongs to the zombies of AMC TV series The Walking Dead.

Breaking Dawn 1 isn’t even among the most popular of Vancouver-filmed movies and TV series at Comic-Con, which has become less about big movies and more about cult television series in recent years. Locally-shot TV series Pscyh cracked the Top 25 most popular panels and Fringe, Eureka, Supernatural and Alcatraz are all in the Top 50. Breaking Dawn 1 and Underworld Awakening (the fourth in the movie franchise but only the third to star Kate Beckinsale and her vampire cat suit) barely made the Top 50 cut.

Psych presented today to standing-room-only, people-turned-away capacity, with Psych-os either dressed as pineapples or carrying them. Apparently series star James Roday (seen above directing a vampire-themed episode) improvised with a pineapple in the show’s premiere and there’s been one hidden in every episode since. Nominally a detective series, Psych knows how to play to a Comic-Con crowd, with several episodes in its sixth season (now filming in Vancouver) crossing over into genre stuff like vampires, super heroes and Star Trek. In a real casting coup, the original Captain Kirk — William Shatner — plays the father of one of the main cast in an episode filmed Read More »BIG READ – Working the Comic Con Craziness in 2011 – Updated