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Stephen Amell filming TV pilot ARROW in Gastown

Stephen Amell, the Green Arrow himself, spent part of this glorious sunny Saturday afternoon filming The CW pilot #Arrow with Katie Cassidy in front of a large crowd of passersby and tourists in Gastown, Vancouver.

If The CW and Warner Bros. TV are going for a darker, more Jason Bourne-like and less Smallville-ish tone, as reported on IGN TV, they’ve done well in casting Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow. I’ve seen him twice now on set: once on the edge of Gastown during a west coast windstorm and today near the Gassy Jack statue. And my photos don’t do justice to how much he resembles a Jason Bourne-type action star. Of course I haven’t seen any of the fight sequences, but local actor and stunt coordinator James Bamford keeps tweeting about how kickass they are. And I’ve heard stories of people being shot through their eyeballs. We’re not in Smallville anymore.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Amell filming TV pilot ARROW in Gastown”

  1. Love the pics but please note the following from a huge fan…It is Stephen AMELL (not Arnell) and his character is Oliver QUEEN (not Hudson)

    1. So sorry. I did know those things but typed the blog so quickly that I screwed up. Did spell Stephen Amell’s name right in the headline, but there’s no excuse for calling his character Oliver Hudson. None. I’ll take more care before uploading from now on.

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