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ACTOR: Christopher Heyerdahl Isn’t Scary But His Characters Are Like His Upcoming TRUE BLOOD Vampire

B.C.’s own 6′ 4″ actor Christopher Heyerdahl isn’t scary but his characters sure are: from a wraith on Stargate: Atlantis to a triple role as a bigfoot and abnormal/serial killer on Sanctuary to a vampire on The Twilight Saga to the Swede on Hell on Wheels to a Vampire Authority Chancellor on season five of True Blood. I knew Heyerdal was one busy actor but hadn’t heard about his latest role until I read Glen Schaefer’s blog at The Province.

Vampire Authority Chancellor Dieter (link to HBO photo) could be Heyerdahl’s scariest character yet. It’s his distinctive, deep voice in the True Blood promo saying: “We were created in God’s image, not humans. And their flesh shall nourish yours, their blood shall flow within you. For as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall human nourish vampire.” In other words, the Vampire Authority are fundamentalists who believe that humans are nothing but a food source for vampires. Forget mainstreaming. Forget synthetic vampire food like “True Blood”.

We’ll have to wait to meet Chris Meloni’s Leader of the Vampire Authority Chancellors Roman and Christopher Heyerdahl’s Vampire Authority Chancellor Dieter until episode two of season five which premieres tonight on HBO.

Below are my photos of Christopher Heyerdahl at the Leo Awards in 2012, 2011 and 2010. He won this year for his performance on R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and in 2010 for his roles on Sanctuary as Biggie and bald abnormal John Druitt. And when he quietly winked at me while I was taking his photo this year and last, I immediately understood how he seduced and murdered all those women in Druitt’s secret identity on Sanctuary as the notorious Jack the Ripper. There’s something hypnotic about him.

2 thoughts on “ACTOR: Christopher Heyerdahl Isn’t Scary But His Characters Are Like His Upcoming TRUE BLOOD Vampire”

  1. Thanks much for this article. I have been in awe of this man’s talents for years. Even under a ton of make up he can make a character come alive. Playing John Druitt, it was like wow, he’s even good without make up! I’ve been really happy that ‘mainstream’ media is getting to realize just how good he is. I started watching Hell on Wheels just because of him. I got the pleasure of meeting him briefly back stage at DragonCon last year and he was funny and sweet. Bravo!

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