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ARROW Star Stephen Amell Up a Wall in a Downtown Vancouver Alley for Ep. 1×03 – Updated

Another day of filming of Arrow. Another day of stunts. It’s non-stop action for this kick-ass show. Today started with the Oliver Queen stunt double climbing up a wall in a downtown alley, soon to be replaced by Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell.

Digging a Deadshot bullet out of the wall.


Arrow rehearsed the day before and though I knew about a stunt rehearsal from the filming notice, I missed seeing Stephen Amell or his double on the wall below with no obstructions. Luckily Amell posted a photo on his Facebook page.

After Arrow finished at the wall they moved into the T of the alley for a scene of Stephen Amell running through it. I could spot his head bobbing above the crew as he warmed up by jumping up and down on the spot but there wasn’t a lot visible for spectators.

Then the action moved inside the Simon Fraser University Segal Graduate Business School beside the alley for an overnight choreographed fight scene.

Tomorrow will be another location. And another stunt or two. No wonder this is one of the most-anticipated shows of the Fall.

Arrow debuts on October 10th on The CW in the U.S. and on CTVtwo in Canada

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