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SHOOT: Hacker TV Movie DELETE at Smile Diner with Ryan Robbins & Erin Karpluk – Updated

Delete, the third in a trio of “Disaster Pack” productions filming here this summer, shot a scene at the Smile Diner on Friday night, with Ryan Robbins (Falling Skies, Marilyn, Sanctuary) and Erin Karpluk (Bailout, Being Erica) seemingly on opposite sides of the law. In fact, I didn’t recognize Robbins at first in his detective suit and slicked-back hair, leading out young Keir Gilchrist from the diner.

And I don’t know how this crime scene fits into a story about a digital disaster where the world wide web becomes self aware and intent on destroying mankind, so that a second artificial intelligence must be created to stop it. Nor do I know what roles Matt Frewer, Gil Bellows and Janet Kidder play in Delete. I don’t know much at all, except this is a great Vancouver cast. [And with a wonderful new addition: Seth Green cast as “hacker activist” Lucifer.]





Delete is the third of Sonar Entertainment’s disaster trio of mini-series to start filming here. World on Fire, with Michael Vartan (Alias) Lauren Lee Smith (CSI), Terry O’Quinn (Lost) and Agam Darshi (Ry Robbins’s cast mate on Sanctuary), showed up first, turning downtown Chilliwack into the site of a volcanic eruption which triggers a Ring of Fire that spreads around the world. Then Dark Universe with Steven Webber (Wings), Christina Cox (CSI) and Treat Williams (Everwood) set up an Occupy movement-style tent city in downtown Vancouver’s Victory Square for its saga of eco-terrorists hijacking an experiment into unlimited energy which unleashes a dark energy black hole on the world. Hope planet Earth survives all this.

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