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SHOOT: ROGUE Wraps Season One with Thandie Newton & Marton Csokas

Marton Csokas, Thandie Newton & Matthew Beard @2013

DirecTV’s  first original series Rogue stars Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible 2, Crash) as Grace, a morally-compromised undercover cop in Oakland, who’s cavorting with Marton Csokas’s crime boss, who may have been involved in her son’s death. Now that’s a complicated relationship. Rogue wrapped filming of its first season of ten episodes on Friday in Vancouver.

I found them on location twice this past week, filming their season finale. First on Monday in the pouring rain on a closed block of Heatley Avenue in the Downtown Eastside, dressed as Oakland. Thandie Newton walked back and forth between two of the sets in small houses, wearing a blue baseball cap, hoodie, coat, striped track pants and running shoes. If I didn’t know her role as an undercover cop, I would not have recognized her. And then on Tuesday in the pouring rain at the Burrard Ironworks building near the Main Street overpass dressed as MacArthur’s Bar, Marton Csoka came out on breaks carrying his own umbrella to read his script (Csoka also drives his own vehicle from circus to set). It’s unfortunate that miserable, neverending rain was a theme this week.

Here are more photos of Thandie Newton on Heatley Avenue as Oakland, California.

And Marton Csoka at the Burrard Ironworks Building as MacArthurs Bar. His co-star Thandie Newton did media interviews most of Tuesday.


Ian Hart as Deputy Chief Richard Campbell talking with showrunner Nick Hamm.

DirecTV is expected to air the first ten episodes of Rogue in the summer of 2013.

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