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WEEK: November 26 – December 2, 2012

  • Sunday, December 2nd – Once Upon a Time mid-season finale. Queen of Hearts, 2×09, features Snow & Emma vs Cora & Hook in a fight for the compass. A Charming family reunion in Storybrooke. And two villains heading into Storybrooke on a pirate ship.
  • Sunday, December 2nd – Whistler Film Festival wraps.
  • Sunday, December 2nd – Glen Schaefer interview with Twilight scribe and Red Widow showrunner Melissa Rosenberg in the Province reveals Camille Sullivan is FBI agent in the Russian mob series.
  • Saturday, December 1st – Fringe showrunner Joel Wyman reveals series finale episode title – An Enemy of Fate.
  • Saturday, December 1st – 100th episode party for Fringe at Fairmont Pacific Rim with JJ Abrams, Joel Wyman, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, Seth Gabel, Blair Brown and crew. Video of the party with interviews.
  • Saturday, December 1st – Arrow Christmas Party. Photo by fight coordinator James Bamford.
  • Saturday, December 1st – Twilight scribe and Red Widow showrunner Melissa Rosenberg honoured for her screenwriting at Whistler Film Festival.
  • Friday, November 30th – American TV critics visit Stephen Amell in costume as Hood for Arrow on top of Bentall parkade downtown. Filming police raid overnight.
  • Friday, November 30th – American TV critics visit Supernatural on set at start of filming episode 8×13.
  • Friday, November 30th – HuffPost TV reports Gil McKinney cast as time traveller Henry in Supernatural episode 8×12 filmed partly in Gastown alley on Tuesday.
  • Friday, November 30th –Arrow casts Spartacus star Manu Bennett as the man behind Deathstroke in the Island flashbacks.
  • Friday, November 30th – Battlestar Galactica prequel Blood and Chrome with Ben Cotton — seventh and eighth webisodes online.
  • Friday, November 30th – A&E releases two short teasers of Bates Motel to TVLine.
  • Thursday, November 29th – Arrow films Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell in Oceanic Plaza and a police station night shoot on Eveleigh near the Bentall Centre.
  • Wednesday, November 28th -Filming of Supernatural‘s cartoontastic episode 8×8 featured new demon-hunting trio Sam & Dean & Cas photographed laughing in the Impala and a cartoon suicide off the Lumbermens’ Building.
  • Wednesday, November 28th – So that was the Huntress`s stunt double on a motorcycle roarring towards me on a downtown sidewalk for Arrow episode 1×7. And Stephen Amell`s foot chase was done in two separate shoots.
  • Wednesday, November 28th – Whistler Film Festival begins. Runs until December 2nd.
  • Wednesday, November 28th – Sarah McLachlan holiday classic debuts on radio. My photos of music video shoot for Vancouver is Awesome.
  • Wednseday, November 28th – The CW officially cancels Emily Owens M.D. but will air all 13 episodes. The series finale will wrap filming next week.
  • Tuesday, November 27th – Emily Owens M.D.‘s sixth epsiode airs on The CW.
  • Tuesday, November 27th – Supernatural films its time travellers from the 1950s episode in a  Gastown alley and in the Cambie Pub.
  • Tuesday, November 27th – Fringe films is second to last episode at Vancouver Public Library and an empty space turned restaurant on Hamilton. Photos too spoilery to upload.
  • Tuesday, November 27th – Bates Motel films in Steveston
  • Monday, November 26th – Bates Motel films in Steveston, with a night shoot at Garry`s Point.
  • Monday, November 26th – Vancouver detective series Motive filming at Belkin House turned GTA (Toronto) police station. Kristin Lehman on set.
  • Monday, November 26th -Vancouver dinosaur procedural Primeval New World‘s fifth episode filmed mainly at the University of British Columbia dressed for Frosh Week in night shoots.
  • Monday, November 26th – Lance Reddick returns to Fringe for second to last episode filmed in Harbour Green Park. Other scenes filmed on Coal Harbour seawall.

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