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EUREKA’s Colin Ferguson & Niall Matter Reunite on Tonight’s PRIMEVAL: NEW WORLD

Five weeks after the mid-season finale, Primeval: New World returns tonight on a new night with a fresh episode called Breakthrough, featuring a very special guest star — the very funny Colin Ferguson. It was great to know Ferguson had returned to Vancouver to film this episode last summer, even if nobody spotted the former Eureka town sheriff on location for PNW as a Howard Hughes-esque brainiac (and hoarder?) named Howard Kanan. How does Ferguson reunite with good friend Niall Matter, Eureka’s bad-boy physicist turned Primeval: New World’s team leader Evan Cross? Well, Kanan apparently helps his former nemesis Cross realize a major breakthrough until it all goes wrong somehow. Sounds like a typical day in Eureka.

Except this is Primeval: New World in Vancouver, so there must be a dinosaur-of-the-week to complicate things too. Tonight’s triceratops might be on its way to becoming as famous as a certain piano-playing cat when a video starts to go viral.

Primeval: New World now airs Tuesdays at 7 p.m. (PT)/10 p.m. (ET) on SPACE in Canada.


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