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PROMO: BATES MOTEL “A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother” Poster

Psycho prequel Bates Motel is expected to wrap filming in Vancouver early this coming week after spending four days shooting its season finale on its spooky Psycho replica motel and house set in Aldergrove from Monday to Thursday..

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On Friday, A&E shared a creepy new poster and teaser with Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV. In the Motherly Love teaser, the camera slowly zooms in like a voyeur on teenage Norman (Freddie Highmore) and his possessive mother Norma (Vera Farigma) sitting side-by-side on a bed. You want to scream, Get a Room!, except they’re already in one and this is a mother and son. Is this the relationship which turns young Norman into the killer who stuffed his mother in the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror film? Last December, I photographed Freddie Highmore filming in West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay and captured something in his face that was reminiscent of his role as the young Peter from Finding Neverland who inspired the iconic Peter Pan. But could he go dark? The teaser shows us why Highmore was cast as a future serial killer.

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Bates Motel debuts on A&E on Monday, March 18th.

1 thought on “PROMO: BATES MOTEL “A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother” Poster”

  1. Saw this a couple of days ago, and it only heightens the excitement I have for this show.
    I’ve always found Freddie to be crazy good with his facial expressions and emotions in his roles, and judging by the teasers and posters I’ve seen, this show will be no different for him in terms of those things — that sly smile gave me shivers.

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