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WEEK: February 4-10, 2013

  • Sunday, February 10th – Once Upon a Time 2×13 Tiny airs with Jorge Garcia’s Anton the Giant held captive on Hook’s pirate ship and then rampaging through Storybrooke. Plus we learn Charming’s real name.
  • Sunday, February 10th – Motive 1×2 airs on CTV with scenes of Kristin Lehman filmed in the Olympic Village.
  • Sunday, February 10th – Battlestar Galactica prequel pilot Blood and Chrome starring Ben Cotton finally airs on Syfy. #ThereWillBeCylons.
  • Saturday, February 9th – New survey says 3 out of 4 British Columbians strongly support government tax incentives to help the BC film & TV production industry. Global TV report #SaveBCFilm
  • Saturday, February 9th – Vancouver-filmed hunting-accident-gone-wrong A Single Shot with Sam Rockwell debuts at Berlin International Film Festival
  • Friday, February 8th – New York Times paid a set visit to Continuum in Squamish last week and came away impressed with Vancouver’s cop from the future series.
  • Friday, February 8th – Deadline Hollywood confirms Chin Han (The Dark Knight) cast on Arrow as Frank Chen, an old friend of the Queen family and part of the nefarious group The Undertaking. This is the mysterious Asian man spotted at the Westin Bayshore Hotel shoot.
  • Friday, February 8th – CW pilot The Hundred–100 juvenile delinquents sent back to Earth after nuclear war–appears on BC Production List. To film from March 14th to April 4th.
  • Friday, February 8th – Once Upon a Time films in Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver.
  • Friday, February 8th – TV Line reports Max Fowler (The Hour) cast as Twitch on season 3 of The Killing
  • Thursday, February 7th – Once Upon a Time turns Gastown into Manhattan again to film scenes for 2×18 Selfless, Brave and True.
  • Thursday, February 7th – Mayor Gregor Robertson talks #SaveBCFilm on Breakfast Television.
  • Thursday, February 7th – Once Upon a Time films in Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver.
  • Wednesday, February 6th – Psycho prequel Bates Motel with Freddie Highmore & Vera Farmiga wraps filming of its first season in Vancouver.
  • Wednesday, February 6th – Arctic Air 2×5 has big fight scenes filmed in Langley Airport hangar with former amateur boxer Aleks Paunovic in the ring. Ben Cotton guest stars.
  • Wednesday, February 6th – Superrnatural 8×13 Everybody Hates Hitler airs with the Winchester brothers fighting neo-nazis. Some of it filmed at the Langara College Library.
  • Wednesday, February 6th – Arrow 1×13 Betrayal airs with its gasp-worthy cliffhanger. Several scenes filmed downtown such as Stephen Amell & Katie Cassiday at Bentall Parkade and Katie Cassidy & Colin Donell at Oceanic Plaza.
  • Tuesday, February 5th – The CW airs a new promo — What is Reality? — for crazed fandom show Cult set to debut on February 19th.
  • Tuesday, February 5th – Emily Owens M.D.‘s series finale airs on The CW.  Emily picks Will not Micah. See Justin Hartley:  A Worthy Crush.
  • Tuesday, Feburary 5th – Primeval: New World 1×11 with Louis Ferreira as Col. Henderson Hall and  Miranda Frigon as backstabber Ange Finch.
  • Tuesday, February 5th – EW’s Inside TV scoop that Grammy nominee Steve Aoki will DJ at opening of Oliver Queen’s nightclub (an in-studio set) on Arrow
  • Tuesday, February 5th – Vancouver’s cop-from-the-corporate-future Continuum films in CBC Vancouver and then at Patron’s Tacos & Catina., with Rachel Nichols & Victor Webster seated at the window.
  • Tuesday, February 5th – Vancouver crime drama Motive films in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.
  • Tuesday, February 5th – Run J2 Run. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the Impala film downtown for Supernatural 8×17. Night shoot in West 13th Avenue townhouse near Arbutus.
  • Monday, February 4th – Harland Williams from upcoming Vancouver sitcom Package Deal guests on Conan O’Brien.
  • Monday, February 4th – Barney flies to Vancouver to interview Robin’s ex-boyfriends in a Tim Horton’s for How I Met Your Mother’s next installment in the Robin Sparkles story. He finds a MuchMusic Underneath the Tunes look at how Sparkles became an Alanis Morisette-type grunge singer Robin Daggers obssessed with a Canadian star she sings about in her music video P.S. I Love You. Speculation centres on Vancouver’s Joshua Jackson & Ryan Reynolds but it turns out to be Paul Shaffer. Very funny.
  • Monday, February 4th  Vancouver’s cop-from-the-corporate-future series Continuum 1×4 airs on Syfy in the U.S., featuring a confrontation bettween Rachel Nichols’ Kiera and Tony Amendola’s Kagame in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.
  • Monday, February 4th – Rachel Nichols & Victor Webster film Vancouver cop-from-the -oorporate-future series Continuum in Robson Plaza at the Vancouver Public Library.
  • Monday, February 4th – Vancouver crime drama Motive debuted after Superbowl on CTV to 1.24 million viewers.

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