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SHOOT: GODZILLA turns Vancouver Convention Centre into Honolulu Airport Terminal – Updated

Update: “Earthquake Rocks Eastern Japan” says news crawl on set screen.

Japanese monster 3D reboot Godzilla with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, David Straitharn and Ken Watanabe from a script by The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont has begun filming here and on Vancouver Island. Godzilla crew transformed the Vancouver Convention Centre into what looks like the [Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii] last weekend. And on Vancouver Island, crew transported WRail train cars and a locomotive from New Westminster to tracks near Shawnigan Lake and started filming in Nanaimo. Aaron Taylor-Johnson could be on set inside the Convention Centre but Bryan Cranston is not expected here until he wraps filming of the Breaking Bad series finale.

6.3 Earthquake Rocks Eastern Japan, says newsreel.

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