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SHOOT: THE KILLING Crew Films Mireille Enos on Bowen Island Ferry to West Vancouver

Update: Turns out ferry worker Cody is Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos)’s boyfriend. She’s leaving him to return to the city to work on the street kid killings case. Their relationship ends in the car, as she tells him: “You don’t know me, I break things.” 

The Killing crew did something last week I’ve never seen or heard of before — filmed a scene for the Seattle-set murder mystery on the car deck of a regular BC Ferries sailing from Bowen Island to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Pulling that off in a 20-minute crossing took some planning and assistance from BC Ferries. Prop Washington state cars for the show got priority loading ahead of regular vehicle traffic for the 5 p.m. sailing last Wednesday on the Queen of Capilano from Snug Cove. The camera crew walked on separately, climbed the stairs to the upper deck and set up to film half-a-dozen takes of a scene of a Seattle area Vashon Island ferry worker walking across the car deck and getting into the passenger seat of former Seattle Police detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos)’s car.

Season three of The Killing takes a place a year and a half after detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) arrested Rosie Larsen’s killer. Linden is no longer a detective but Holder’s “search for a runaway girl leads him to discover a gruesome string of murders that connects to a previous murder investigation by Linden”. Peter Sarsgaard co-stars as a death row inmate.

Mireille Enos moved out of front seat into back after scene wrapped.

5 p.m. ferry heads into dock at Snug Cove on Bowen Island. 

Camera crew heads on with foot passengers.

Crew climbed the stairs to the upper deck where they set up to film scene below on car deck.

Crew placed prop Washington state licence plates over the B.C. ones and hosed the deck.

Packing up long before we reached Horseshoe Bay.


Season 3 of The Killing is expected to premiere on AMC this May.

2 thoughts on “SHOOT: THE KILLING Crew Films Mireille Enos on Bowen Island Ferry to West Vancouver”

  1. Been there, done that. I was part of a crew that did it back in 2003, I believe, on a short called Rugged Rich and the Ona Ona.


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