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SHOOT: Vancouver as Toronto for MOTIVE 1×06

CTV promoted Vancouver crime drama Motive from Sunday nights to Thursday nights this week, with downtown Vancouver playing Toronto in the sixth episode of the whydunit  The killer in Detour is a Toronto police officer named Barry Ketchum (Aidan Devine) who commits the murder on the west coast and is tracked back to Ontario by Vancouver homicide detective Angie Flyn (Kristin Lehman).  Crew filmed a scene on Homer Street last December of Ketchum arriving home from the airport in a prop Toronto taxi with the Victorian Hotel as his Toronto apartment building. And filmed other scenes of Detective Flyn confronting Ketchum inside Belkin House as his Toronto police station. Add a few green screens of the CN Tower and Motive did a credible job of faking Toronto in Vancouver.

Belkin House as GTA Police Service, 33 Division


Motive airs on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on CTV.

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