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SHOOT: Jon Tenney Films KING & MAXWELL Explosion in Gastown

Update: King & Maxwell bought footage of the SPFX explosion below. Glad a good blast won’t go to waste.

Two years ago TV pilot Heavenly blew out the windows of Gastown’s Incendio restaurant in a controlled explosion.

I hoped for a repeat performance today from upcoming TNT series King & Maxwell, but it was not to be. Instead I watched as Washington, D.C. secret-service-agent-turned-private-investigator Sean King (Jon Tenney) drove up in his Lexus to park opposite Incendio, got out of his car talking on his phone and then ducked on cue. I assume he ducked from an explosion that will be added because he did it in take after take and tomorrow crew will dress the street with  post-explosion debris to film on Wednesday.

You can see the black scrim blocking the sun from the scene down Alexander Street

Incendio’s patio dressed as Washington, D.C. restaurant.

King & Maxwell premieres on TNT on Monday, June 10th.

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