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SHOOT: Joel Kinnaman as ROBOCOP in Big Night Shoot at Vancouver Convention Centre – Updated

When Crime is out of Control. The Only Solution isn’t Human.


Joel Kinnaman is the critically-wounded cop Alex Murphy who returns to the Detroit police force in 2028 as a powerful cyborg, thanks to multi-national OmniCorp’s robot technology in this RoboCop remake. This part-human part-robot police officer is the key to OmniCorp’s plan to sell robocops around the world and earn billions of dollars. But what happens when the man in the machine goes rogue in his pursuit of justice? He storms Omni Corp. played by the Vancouver Convention Centre. This night shoot drew a big crowd of spectators early on when his stunt double rode the RoboCop motorcycle down Thurlow to the Convention Centre dressed as OmniCorp.

RoboCop continues to film at the Convention Centre tonight but production is expected to move inside. Filming here is part of the two-plus weeks of “reshoots” that RoboCop is doing in Vancouver to accomodate star Joel Kinnaman who is committed to filming  the AMC series The Killing in this city. Principal photography for RoboCop was done last summer in Toronto and Detroit.


Front and rear view.

All set up and waiting for dark.

Joel Kinnaman showed up on set after 11 p.m. when most of the bystanders had gone.

UPDATED: Clip of the Vancouver Convention Centre action sequence.

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1 thought on “SHOOT: Joel Kinnaman as ROBOCOP in Big Night Shoot at Vancouver Convention Centre – Updated”

  1. I must although im very disappointed in the redesign of RoboCop’s armour this does look like an immense film. I know a lot of people like myself wanted the armour to look at least closer to the original in design but it seems this Iron man / Batman design has stuck. I think a lot of Robo fans should watch this with an open mind as this does look promising

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