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PROMOS: MAN OF STEEL Trailer Plus Problem of No Fly in Super Suit

More is more when it comes to summer blockbusters. Promotion for the Man of Steel is in overdrive ahead of its release next Friday, June 14th. Trailers. Behind the Scenes Video. Talk Shows. Media Interviews.

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Best anecdote so far: Star Henry Cavill telling E! News how hard it was to pee between takes when dressed in Superman suit. “There was no fly,” he says, “There was no zipper. So it’s just one of those things where you got to wait for the right time.” Apparently, it took 25 minutes to get the suit off him, according to Russell Crowe, aka Krypton Dad Jor-El.

Last week’s 13-minute behind-the-scenes video has  a discussion about the decision not to have red underwear over the blue Superman suit. Director Zach Snyder says he tried to make underwear on the outside work but “couldn’t make it consistent with the world we were creating.”

And what a world it is. My favourite scene is still of Clark Kent saving oil rig workers, filmed on a vast greenscreen stage in North Vancouver. 

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