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SHOOT: KING & MAXWELL’s Rebecca Romijn Apprehends a Suspect Near CIBC Tower

King & Maxwell is about Washington, D.C. secret-service-agents-turned-private investigators Sean King (Jon Tenney) and Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn of The X-Men fame), based on the David Baldacci books. It debuted Monday night on TNT while King & Maxwell was shooting  scenes in downtown Vancouver. This one took place in a laneway near the CIBC tower. After three to four hours of  filming a foot chase sequence along both sides of the 800/900 blocks of West Hasting, former American Olympic athlete Maxwell (Romijn) finally nabbed her suspect (The Killing’s Goldie, aka Brendan Fletcher). King (Tenney) catches up after she’s grabbed him, pulled out his wallet and checked for ID. And then cracked up laughing after the shot. King & Maxwell is one of the most laidback cast and crews around town.

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King (Tenney) catches up.

Jon Tenney promised fans he would tweet between shots ahead of King & Maxwell’s premiere,

King & Maxwell dressed the area as the Federal Triangle Metro Station, filling the laneway with neatly piled garbage bags (too clean) and changing signs at the Easy Park plaza. For instance, the downtown Vancouver tourist map became one of Washington D.C. confusing some real tourists.

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