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SHOOT: THE KILLING’s Joel Kinnaman & Jewel Staite at Vancouver Public Library

Holder has a girlfriend. And she’s sticking around. The Killing filmed scenes on Wednesday of detective Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman in his Holder hoodie) meeting his season three Assistant District Attorney girlfriend Caroline (Jewel Staite) on the level five walkway of the Vancouver Public Library’s curtain wall. He waits for her on a bench, approaches her and they have looooong talk with lots of endearing Holderisms I’m sure, because he’s smiling and at one point hugs her and then later kisses her. Best moment from this couple so far: Holder’s “hot” tat Serenity, a nod to Jewel Staite’s role on the Joss Whedon space western Firefly.

For some library patrons on the upper floors, The Killing shoot was free live theatre.

The Killing season three airs Sundays on AMC.

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