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SHOOT: PSYCH Creator Steve Franks Directs Season 8 Finale in West End

UPDATE: Scene the fans witnessed was #Shules – Shawn (James Roday)’s proposal of marriage on bended knee to Jules (Maggie Lawson).

psych finale

Psych creator/showrunner Steve Franks directed a big scene in front of the historic yellow condo complex Kensington Place in Vancouver’s West End today. Here he is talking with lead actor James Roday, aka Shawn Spencer, below. During filming, crew had two big scrims and five production assistants with umbrellas blocking views of the scene, even from the other side of Beach Avenue where fans stood. This isn’t Psych style but it’s completely understandable for a pivotal scene in what could be the series finale.



Earlier, Steve Franks discussed the scenes with Dule Hill and James Roday, who are  holding their scripts.


3 thoughts on “SHOOT: PSYCH Creator Steve Franks Directs Season 8 Finale in West End”

  1. Love what you wrote about respecting their need not to have spoilers posted for the finale. So agree–love this show and love you for posting these non-spoiler photos for those of us who live very far away from beautiful Vancouver!

  2. Hi I am a 12 year old girl and I love crime shows and i love psych and I just want to say that you guys have to making more shows at least go up to season 100 plus I have some ideas of my own like Shawn should proposed to Jules in real and in the show plus they should have babies. Another idea is that Henry should remarry Shawn’s mother. If you like my ideas you can contact me by emailing me.

  3. Gabrielle: I think these are excellent ideas and I’m pretty sure Psych is running with at least one of them. Unfortunately season 8 is Psych’s last season. They had a studio sale last September in Vancouver and aren’t coming back. But Psych creator Steve Franks may do a Psych movie so send him a message on Twitter @SteveFranks. I’ll email you later in case you don’t see this.

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