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SHOOT: Cole Hauser Films ROGUE S2 at Century House Downtown

Update: Rogue season two premiered Wednesday, May 28th, on DirecTV in the U.S. and Thursday, June 5th, on TMN in Canada.

Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) avenged her son’s death in the first season of Rogue and said goodbye to her crime boss lover (Marton Csoskas). But now she has to go back undercover to investigate a security firm founded by former soldier Ethan (Cole Hauser) with three of his military comrades (Clayton Crawford, Alec Newman and Brendan Fletcher). These military contractors share a terrible secret which they don’t want exposed. Shades of Blackwater?

The second season of DirecTV’s first original series started filming on Monday and here’s Cole Hauser in an establishing shot yesterday outside the Century House downtown, playing a more upscale version of itself in San Francisco/Oakland.





1 thought on “SHOOT: Cole Hauser Films ROGUE S2 at Century House Downtown”

  1. Cole Hauser is hot, no doubt about it, but Marton Csokas left big shoes to fill. I feel a little apprehensive about where Grace will be taken relationship-wise. I wasn’t feeling the chemistry between Thandie and the actor who played her husband in season 1. I will definitely tune in for season 2 but the whole time I will be keeping my fingers crossed that Jimmy returns for Grace in the end.

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