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TRIBUTE: MR. YOUNG Series Finale Tonight on YTV


Homegrown hit Mr. Young goes out in style tonight with the Finnegan high school gang still in Vietnam but trying to get back home in time for graduation. Will they make it? Of course they will, if their teenage teacher has anything to do with it. YTV has been airing the final five episodes of the teen sitcom this month about child prodigy Adam Young (Brendan Meyer) who returned to his high school at the age of 14 to teach science to his best friend Derby (Gig Morton), his crush Echo (Matreya Fedor) and the dim-witted school bully Slab (Kurt Ostlund) under wacky Principal Tater (Milo Shandel). At the beginning of November, the Finnegan gang set off  to retrieve Dang (Raugi Yu) in Vietnam and have been there ever since. Tonight is their final adventure before heading home.

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Created by Dan Signer, the writer/producer of Disney’s hit series The Suite Life on Deck,  Mr. Young entertained live audiences in its Burnaby studio for three seasons.



And even shook it up in their studio for a Mr. Young take on the Harlem Shake, with Brendan Meyer wandering through the crazy costumed throng on the Finnigean High School set. 

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Mr. Young  cast and crew are already missed but the show will live on in repeats the world over.

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