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Vancouver’s whydunit crime drama Motive, starring Kristen Lehman and Louis Ferreira, scored a big nomination in the Canadian Screen Awards for Best Drama Series. along with Calgary-shot Blackstone and Toronto-shot Bomb Girls, Flashpoint and breakout phenomenon Orphan Black.


Also racking up a big nomination is Mr. Young for Best Youth Series, a year after it wrapped its third and final season here, filmed in front of live studio audiences in Burnaby. The homegrown teen sitcom will be competing against Alive, the iconic Degrassi, Life With Boy and The Next Step. Plus Mr. Young himself, aka Brendan Meyer (on the left of the photo), is nominated for Best Performance in a Youth series.


Vancouver-cop-from-the-future hit Continuum did not make the cut this time for Best Drama Series but Liber8 would not be denied a supporting performance nomination for Luvia Petersen as bad-ass terrorist/freedom fighter Gaza. And Continuum’s viisual effects team led by Adam Stern could be looking at a twopeat with their second VFX nomination, this time for the timey-wimey season two finale Second Time.

Who is their local VFX competition? Team Primeval: New World led by Mark Savela earned a VFX nomination for Angry Birds, my favourite episode of the dinosaurs-run-amok-in-Vancouver series. Angry Birds is where we met computer-generated Leggy, the Cheetos-munching baby terror bird trapped in a BC Bud grow-op.


BC films didn’t fare as well as BC TV series in the Canadian Screen Awards  but Colleen Rennison (above) did garner a nomination for her original song Molly in Ben Ratner’s Vancouver-as-Vancouver film Down River.

And CBC Marketplace’s Erica Johnson will represent us in news and information with a nomination as Best Host of an Informaion Series.

Martin Short will host the Canadian Screen Awards Gala on Sunday, March 9th, on CBC.

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