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SET: GRACEPOINT’s Harvey Ridge Lookout Set at Victoria’s Island View Beach

After filming the murdered boy’s crime scene earlier this week, Broadchurch adaption Gracepoint is expected to shift to its Harvey Ridge Lookout set this Thursday, also on Island View Beach but on private land next to the regional park. On screen, the Harvey Ridge Hut will appear like it’s high on the cliff above North Beach where the Solano boy’s body is found but actually is pretty close to sea level about half-a-kilometre away.

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gpp filming notice_marked

Harvey Ridge Hut set. For a view of this set from the beach see Tyson Elder’s flickr photo.

gp harvey ridge lookout_marked

View of James Island from Harvey Ridge Hut set.

gp island view13_marked

1 thought on “SET: GRACEPOINT’s Harvey Ridge Lookout Set at Victoria’s Island View Beach”

  1. Looooove the scenery. Absolutely beautiful. When I first started watching Gracepoint, I thought this was filmed in the Victoria/Vancouver Island area -as opposed to the Northen California area. Great scenery & talented acting.

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