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SHOOT: GRACEPOINT Films Danny Solano Crime Scene on Victoria’s Island View Beach – Updated


After seven weeks of filming, the 10-part American murder-mystery adaption Gracepoint staged its big crime scene this week of a murdered boy found at North Beach in California, played by Island View Beach in Victoria. Unfortunately, high winds in the strait meant cancelled ferry sailings and my late arrival from Vancouver on Monday so I missed seeing Detectives Emmett Carver (Broadchurch’s David Tennant playing the same role) and Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) in the sunshine but the yellow crime scene tape, tent where 12-year-old Danny Solano (Nikolas Filipovic)’s body was examined and police, CSI and other tech backgrounders remained on the beach.


Screencaps from FOX trailer for Gracepoint.

gp trailer ivb0

Detective Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) interviews murdered Danny Solano’s mother Beth (Virgina Kull).

gp trailer ivb

The lights of prop Gracepoint Police cars and coroner’s vans still flashed nearby at the Beachcomber RV Park set, where a camera crew filmed at Jack Reinhart’s (Nick Nolte)’s kayak rental shop with more police and CSI backgrounders.

gp island view2_marked

gp islandview0.0_marked

gp islandview43_marked

CSI techs.


Uniformed Gracepoint Police at kayak rental shop.



Gracepoint Beach sign.

gp island view0.17_marked

Prop Gracepoint Police squad cars and coroner’s van flash on the volleyball courts.

gpp island view0.4_marked

On the Wednesday, March 19th, Gracepoint filmed mother Beth (Virginia Kull) crying in anguish at seeing her son Danny (Nikolas Filipovic) lying dead on the beach.

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