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TRAILER: FALLING SKIES Season 4 Trailer & WonderCon Panel Report

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Falling Skies season four premieres June 22nd on TNT. Boston’s Mason family and others who make up a small band of resistance fighters called 2nd Mass (2nd Massachusetts) have rebelled against an occupying alien force on Earth for three seasons now. Patriarch Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), his three sons — eldest Hal (Drew Roy), once-harnassed middle son Ben (Connor Jessup) and youngest son Matt (Maxim Knight) — and new-born daughter Lexi with pediatrician Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) splintered but re-unite in the upcoming fourth season.

A new trailer features a clip from Falling Skies’ big shoots with a giant Mech in the Inner Courtyard of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Vancouver and in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden:

fs sc2

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falling skies tweet

And clips of Tom (Noah Wyle) and Anne (Moon Bloodgood)’s suddenly-aged white-haired daughter Lexi ( Scarlett Byrne) in a red cloak.

fs screenshot

Related: Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) films in Surrey’s Tynhead Park.


At the Falling Skies panel at WonderCon last Saturday morning, Moon Bloodgood said season four is one of growing “female power”. Scarlett Byrne’s Lexi clearly has a big role to play as does Bloodgood’s fiercely maternal Anne, Sarah Carter’s fighter Maggie and Seychelle Gabriel’s Lourdes. Doug Jones was the only male to join them on stage at WonderCon and he plays an alien Cochise.



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