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PHOTO SHOOT: David Tennant, Anna Gunn & Camera Drone at GRACEPOINT Photo Shoot on Victoria’s Island View Beach

gp island0_marked

Gracepoint rehearsed a big photo shoot on Island View Beach north of Victoria on Saturday with crew as stand-ins for cast and then did the real thing on Sunday amid locals and what seemed like hundreds of dogs. Here is the fun and clearly expensive photo shoot of leads David Tennant (Doctor Who/Broadchurch) and Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) using a flying camera drone. As Broadchurch series creator @ChrisChibnall tweeted: “Either a swanky Gracepoint photoshoot or David & Anna have upset a government.”


gp beach19_marked

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gp beach12_marked

Laughing after the drone photo shoot.

gp beach_marked

Looking stern for the camera.

gp island1_marked

Broadchurch–inspired series Gracepoint stars David Tennant of timey-wimey Doctor Who fame, reprising his role as the lead detective investigating a boy’s murder in a small seaside town, a murder that becomes a national media feeding frenzy. Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad co-stars as the local detective, a wife and mother who lives in the northern California coastal town and has strong ties to the bereaved family and almost all of the suspects. FOX’s 10-episode Gracepoint event series is expected to air this Fall on the American network.

And Gracepoint is expected to wrap filming in Victoria at the end of the month.

11 thoughts on “PHOTO SHOOT: David Tennant, Anna Gunn & Camera Drone at GRACEPOINT Photo Shoot on Victoria’s Island View Beach”

    1. No. No it isn’t. Island View Beach is a few km north of the city of Victoria…which is on Vancouver Island.

  1. It’s Island View Beach. We live here and have had a front row seat for all the film action since January. Island View Beach is a park located a short 25 minutes from Downtown Victoria.

  2. OK. Island View Beach isn’t in Victoria. It’s in central Saanich which is part of greater Victoria. I’d correct someone who said Crescent Beach is in Vancouver when it’s actually in greater Vancouver. So I’ll make the change but wherever Island View Beach is, it’s beautiful and seems to be one huge off-leash park for dogs. Paul Harper is lucky to live there.

  3. Why don`t you stop bickering about where it is and say how great David Tennant is and how you`re looking forward to watching it – honestly, some people.

  4. Oh lord, whose on first… is some beach located somewhere in North America that include some sand and an island. LOL

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