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SETS: GRACEPOINT’s Harvey Ridge Hut & Crestview Inn in Victoria

gp hrh2_marked

On screen, Gracepoint’s Harvey Ridge Hut in Harvey Ridge Park will look like it’s high on a northern California cliff with a “steep drop off” to North Beach below where young Danny Solano’s body is found but is actually a set on turf only six feet above Victoria’s Island View Beach.

gp hr lookout

Weathered park map.

Harvey Ridge Park 

The actual cliff face on Island View Beach is about a half-a-kilometre south of the Harvey Ridge Hut set.


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Meanwhile, over at Oak Bay Village which plays the town’s Main Street, the Gracepoint banners  — Welcome to America’s Last Hometown — are looking a little ragged after three months-plus of filming.


oak bay7

Gracepoint banner next to fresh Oak Bay village banner with tulips.

oak bay9

Crestview Inn.

oak bay1 

Gracepoint is expected to wrap filming of its first season near the end of May.

2 thoughts on “SETS: GRACEPOINT’s Harvey Ridge Hut & Crestview Inn in Victoria”

  1. I just wanted you to know that your presence in and around victoria was done with “CLASS” and I especially think it was wonderful of you to take a full page ad in the peninsula news to give us a big thank you.

    i am really looking forward to watching your show in the fall.

    thanks pat evans

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