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SHOOT: MOTIVE with Max Lloyd-Jones & Zoe De Grand Maison on East False Creek

motive s2 3_marked

The victim: Barb Birk (Jennifer Irwin), diner owner. The killer: Sasha King (Zoe De Grand Maison), seen here meeting with Barb’s son Jason (Max Lloyd-Jones) on a pedestrian path near Science World in east False Creek for 2×09 Abandoment.

motive s2 6_marked

motive s2 2_marked

motive s2 7_marked

motive s2 10_marked

motive s2 5_marked

Motive crew rolls along to the next location at the Creekside Community Centre dressed as Metro Police Department.

motive s2 11_marked

motive s2 13_marked

Motive s2 15_marked

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