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TRAILER: GRACEPOINT With David Tennant & Anna Gunn To Air Thursdays at 9 on FOX This Fall

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Welcome to Gracepoint. A Quiet Place. A Friendly Place. Until Today.

gp trailer ob

Gracepoint’s Main Street. Welcome to America’s Last Hometown, aka Oak Bay Village in Victoria.

gp trailer sp

Gracepoint pier, aka Sidney pier.

gp trailer ob2

Welcome to Gracepoint, aka Oak Bay in Victoria.

gp trailer ivb0

North Beach crime scene, aka Island View Beach.

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gp trailer ivb

First Look:

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Small Town Secrets Are Never Small.

gracepoint trailer 1

Gracepoint trailer 0.0

The crime scene at Island View Beach.

gracepoint trailer 0

Murdered boy’s mother Beth (Virginia Kull) at crime scene.

Gracepoint trailer4

Press conference at Gracepoint Police Station set in Sidney.

gracepoint trailer 2

Interior at Gracepoint Police Station set with view out window from Sidney seawall.

Screenshot (659)

Early suspect Jack Reinhart (Nick Nolte) at his kayak rental service.

gracepoint foxfanfront

Gracepoint leads David Tennant and Anna Gunn at FOX Upfront in New York City today.

The 10-part mystery event is scheduled to air Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX this Fall.

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