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LEO AWARDS: MOTIVE’s Kristin Lehman & Brendan Penny at Leos Gala

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Vancouver whydunit crime drama Motive came into the Leos with twelve nominations for its inaugural season, but the Leo for Best Dramatic Series went to our other big Vancouver show Continuum. Motive had a strong showing for its performances though. Leads Kristin Lehman (Detective Angie Flynn) and Louis Ferreira (Detective Oscar Vega) both earned nominations and Lehman happily accepted the Leo for her co-star when he won, explaining Ferreira is in Los Angeles to work through some “green card” stuff. She then thanked herself since that’s what cutup Ferreira would do if he were at the Gala, she joked, perhaps rambling on about her “soft skin”. Note that the category presenter is Roger Cross, who plays a senior police officer on Motive and a Liber8 “terrorist” on Continuum.

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Motive hires the best of B.C. actors just as Continuum does, but on its procedural-with-a-twist “we kill them”, Lehman says. Or to be more accurate, Motive hires “other B.C. actors to kill them”. For example, Katherine Isabelle won a Leo on Sunday night for her guest performance as one of those B.C. killers who gets a schlub to do her dirty work.

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Nominated for his supporting performance (Detective Brian Lucas), sunburned Brendan Penny laughed on the red carpet when asked about his marital status — on the show, people…….on the show.


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Motive showrunner James Thorpe refused to spoil his show, ducking a question about whether he planned to break up partners Angie (Kristin Lehman) & Oscar (Louis Ferreira). He joked that the big twist in the third season would be Angie turning into a man, adding that Kristin Lehman could do it convincingly. She can do anything, he says. Agreed. Where’s her Leo?

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