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COMIC-CON: FALLING SKIES With Showrunner David Eick & Cast Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, Will Patton, Sarah Carter, Moon Bloodgood, Doug Jones & Scarlett Byrne

What’s in store for fifth and final season of TNT alien invasion drama Falling Skies? Doug Jones, who plays Cochise, would like to see the Espheni defeated once and for all. But before that happens we will be shown that these aliens are not like Star Trek’s Borg with a single, collective mind-set. The Espheni are splintered into their own factions and that will be explored as they continue to use genetic manipulation to corrupt and defeat the human rebels like 2nd Mass. So more variations of aliens?

What about the current fourth season? Halfway through the main cast is reunited and we can look forward to Anne (Moon Bloodgood)’s backstory, more of the Hal (Drew Roy), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Ben (Connor Jessup) love triangle and a health crisis for alien-human hybrid Lexie (Scarlett Byrne) who was not trusted by anyone in the Comic-Con audience.


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