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LOCATION: David Tennant Talks about Victoria as GRACEPOINT

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Small Town Secrets Are Never Small.

David Tennant: “I think Victoria has afforded us some fantastic locations. It’s one of those places where you have four seasons in one day which works rather well for our story. You go from these beautiful days where the sky is the bluest of blues and then three hours later it’ll be the greyest of greys and you’re in this very dark rather tempestuous world and because our story really traverses the spectrum of emotion it’s quite interesting to be filming in a climate that traverses its own spectrum. We also have some beautiful beach locations. We have the town of Oak Bay in particular in Victoria that has been transformed into Gracepoint. Oak Bay Avenue is Gracepoint High Street. Victoria has been very welcoming and apparently very happy to be transformed, happy to play along. . . You need the location to be just right. You can’t imagine it being anywhere else. That’s a sign that it’s been got right. I’d say that’s been the case everywhere we’ve gone on this.”

Harvey Ridge Hut Lookout Set at Island View Beach.

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Turret at Clover Point in James Bay.

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Brentwood Bay.

victoria 0

Sidney Pier.


Gracepoint Police station set in Sidney.

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Church in North Saanich.


Crestview Inn in Oak Bay Village.

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Beachcombers R.V. Park on Island View Beach.

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Victoria 6


Gracepoint will premiere October 2nd on FOX.

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