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TRAILER: Tim Burton’s BIG EYES With Christoph Waltz & Amy Adams

Big Eyes

Big Eyes Movie Trailer.

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Have you ever seen those 1960s and 70s paintings of children with over-sized eyes? Tim Burton’s biopic Big Eyes tells the story of  the San Francisco art couple, Walter and Margaret Keane, made famous by the paintings and their tumultuous relationship. Their breakup led to a divorce and court battle over who actually painted the big-eyed waifs, ending with a judge-ordered paint-off. Guess who won? Margaret Keane painted them all.

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CGIed San Francisco church on pathway near Lumberman’s Arch in Stanley Park.

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Young Margaret meets Walter Keane at a San Francisco art fair.

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Big Eyes turned a block in Gastown into the North Beach art district of 1960s San Francisco, including one storefront as a high-end gallery and another opposite as the Keane Gallery.

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Rexall Drugs set (above) on Alexander Street in Gastown.

Rival galleries (below) on Powell Street in Gastown.



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High-end gallery used local artist Marta Baricsa’s paintings.


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