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SET: FALLING SKIES Films 2nd Mass Rebels Vs Alien Invaders Final Season Battle at Small Richmond Shopping Mall

I guess my ride will be delayed lol #fallingskies filming to tonight I guess. My neighbourhood looks pretty rough.

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fs2 fs8

Dead aliens on a Richmond residential street? Gotta be Falling Skies final season. Here’s a dead Mech sprawled across a car on Gilley Street in east Richmond. Don’t wake him, joked the production assistant. This week Falling Skies is filming a final season battle between the 2nd Mass rebels led by Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and the alien invaders in and around a set at the Bridgeview Mall. Shooting began last night with simulated gunfire at an artfully destroyed house on Gilley Street with Espheni, Skitter and Mech  corpses scattered in front.

And moved into the mall parking lot tonight.






Does this bus look familiar? Godzilla and co. bashed it around in New Westminster during the filming of the blockbuster.




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