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TEASER: FALLING SKIES The Final Battle With Noah Wyle Begins June 28th on TNT

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For four years they fought, loved, sacrificed, survived. This summer the epic series comes to an end. Witness the final stand for mankind.

“I don’t know who’s gonna cross the finish line but this war will be won” — Tom Mason (Noah Wyle).

Tick Tick Boom. Who will live and who will die among the surviving group of insurgents called 2nd Mass — named after the 2nd Massachusetts of the American Revolution — who’ve fought against an occupying alien force for four seasons? Former Boston history prof Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), his eldest son Hal (Drew Roy) his beloved Anne (Moon Bloodgood) and frenemy Pope (Colin Cunningham) are featured in the latest final season teaser The End. 

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Firing Squad.

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Gun to the head.

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The fifth and final season of Falling Skies filmed from mid-September to late January in metro Vancouver. Local fans who’d hoped to connect with cast and crew in the final season were disappointed not to see them. But that was inevitable after the tragic death of teamsters security guard Singh Gill on set at Robert Burnaby Park on the second day of filming. An already private production became even more private.

All I saw of the final season was this Richmond set with dead aliens. Which was actually pretty great.

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Falling Skies: The Final Battle begins June 28th on TNT. 

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