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SET: Dr. Jenkins (Toby Jones) Walks Through WAYWARD PINES As a Disaster Zone for Last Night’s Opening Scene

wp burning1

In last night’s opening scene, Dr. Jenkins (Toby  Jones) walks through his creation Wayward Pines looking like a disaster zone.

wp burning sized

Wayward Pines crew shot this in late February 2014 on its block-long Agassiz town set covered in leaves, branches and other debris and with cars on fire using flame and smoke effects plus  a car-crash through the Hotel Wayward Pines. Julie Holden captured the aftermath when most of the debris on Pioneer Avenue had been cleared away.

Photos by Julie Holden/@jholden23.

wwp crash1_marked

wwp crash2_marked

wwp crash3_marked

Wayward Pines airs Thursday nights on FOX in the U.S. and City in Canada.

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