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TONIGHT: Vancouver Whydunit MOTIVE’s Victim Stunt Fall for Season 3 Finale


So that weighted dummy crashing through a windshield on Homer Street last February was Vancouver whydunit Motive’s season three finale Victim Maria Snow (Luisa D’Oliveria). And her boss, wealthy industrialist Neville  Montgomery(Victor Garber), is her Killer. What’s his motive? And can detectives Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Oscar Vegas (Louis Fereirra) prove it?


I watched Motive film this stunt crash in mid-February outside Belkin House in downtown Vancouver, without knowing who the victim was.

motive sf victim2 r

motive sf victim r motive sf victim5 r-2

It was loud.

motive sf victim`0 r-2

Later Motive shot the police crime scene.

motive sf cs

Tonight’s  finale marks the end of a season-long arc of detective Angie Flynn investigating Neville Montgomery, which grew out of the murder of his daughter London (Jessica Lowdes) in the season premiere.

motive3.27_marked - Copy - Copy

By her sometimes bodyguard and Neville Montgomery enforcer Derek Caster (Kyle Schmid).

motive 3.20_marked - Copy - Copy

Season three premiere Victim and Killer met for coffee in a cafe, filmed in Bean Around the World at Victory Square in downtown Vancouver.

 motive 3.12_marked - Copy - Copy  


Motive’s season three finale airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV in Canada. 

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