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TONIGHT: Mystery Thriller THE WHISPERS With Lily Rabe, Barry Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia Premieres on ABC

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There’s something very real about these children’s imaginary friends.

What is using Washington, D.C. kids against their powerful parents? Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story Zero Hour, The Whispers is a 10-episode Vancouver-shot series about a mysterious entity that pretends to be the imaginary friend of Washington, D.C. children.  This imaginary friend Drill has the kids play a “Game” that sometimes turns deadly.


FBI child specialist Claire Bennigan (Lily Rabe) is called in to investigate after a little girl seemingly tries to murder her mother on instructions from her imaginary friend. Claire has been off work for three months and is still reeling from the apparent loss of her Air Force pilot husband Sean in a  recent plane crash and doesn’t know her own son is one of the children in contact with Drill.


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Defence Department operative Wes Lawrence (Barry Sloane) is another D.C. parent unaware that his child’s imaginary friend is real. Wes, who’s investigating a mysterious Sahara desert site with a crashed plane, also happens to be Claire’s former boss and lover. But is her husband Sean really dead? Or is he the John Doe (Milo Ventimiglia)  in hospital with no memory, thousands of miles away from the crash site?




He gets a visit from one of the kids.


Produced by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment,The Whispers filmed in metro Vancouver from late July to mid-December last year.

Here’s  a scene with Claire (Lily Rabe) and Wes (Barry Sloane) shot in downtown Vancouver’s Oceanic Plaza.

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And a later one of John Doe (Milo Ventimiglia) and Claire in the same place.

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the whispers 


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