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SHOOT: Chris Haddock’s New Vancouver Spy Serial THE ROMEO SECTION Starts Filming in Chinatown

rs 1e

We can never be sure about the true nature of people sitting across from us or lying next to us in bed. – Chris Haddock.


Chris Haddock, the creative mind behind Intelligence and DaVinci’s Inquest, began filming his new Vancouver 10-episode spy serial, The Romeo Section, today in Chinatown.

What is it about? Romeo/Juliet spies are the kind of operatives who get sexually intimate with targets to gain intelligence. Vancouver professor and spymaster Wolfgang McGee (Andrew Airlie below) secretly manages a roster of them in a city whose underside is a haven for fugitives, shady financiers, drug barons and traffickers of all kinds.

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In an already murky world, what happens when Wolfgang McGee falls for one of his duplicitous Juliet recruits? She’s described as a “contemporary Mata Hari” and an apt pupil who will soon overstrip her teacher. Jemmy Chen is Wolfgang’s colleague, Professor Lily Song. (Leeah Wong plays Lily in second season).

rs 33 sized


This morning’s scene was set in Hong Kong with two vehicles parked on the left side of the road in front of a small shop.

rs 19 e


rs 10 e

rsp 2


Juan Riedinger is conflicted Romeo spy Rufus; Eugene Lipinski is Wolfgang’s confidant and Stephanie Bennett is unhinged and unpredictable Dee.


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Filming started today and is expected to wrap October 19th via the DGC-BC Production list.

The Romeo Section premieres October 14th on the CBC.


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