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Tonight: Irreverend Comedy IMPASTOR With Michael Rosenbaum Debuts on TVLand


Vancouver doesn’t get many  American TV comedies filming here. This is a TV drama town. But TV Land’s single-camera comedy Impastor shot 10 episodes with Michael Rosenbaum as Buddy,  a guy running from his debts in San Franciso who cons the residents of Ladner, Oregon,into thinking he’s their new gay pastor. Sara Rue co-stars as the pastor’s assistant and Mircea Monroe as the Head Trustee of Loomis Lutheran Church. Back in San Francisco, Aimee Garcia plays Buddy’s girlfriend, a bartender who has to deal with the cops, his criminal creditors, and snarky mother after his apparent “suicide”.

impastor 2

From writer Christopher Vane, Impastor used the village of Ladner in Delta as the small town of Ladner, Oregon — without having to change a sign.

Shooting the pilot in August, 2014.

impastor delta optimist

Shooting series in April, 2015.

impastor delta optimist3

Photo by Stacey, @HushRules.

imposter ladner cafe

imposter ladner5 e

And Minoru Chapel in Richmond as its Loomis Lutheran Church.

impostor uses Minoru Chapel

Cast in Minoru Chapel.

impastor 3

TVLand images. Michael Rosenbaum as the pastor.

impastor 4

impastor 5

Impastor airs tonight on TVLand in the U.S.


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