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SHOOT: ARROW’s Stephen Amell Does Stunt Behind Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre

Update: Arrow showcased Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre in the October 14th episode, The Candidate. Oliver Queen/Stephen Amell stood in a crowd in the lobby and then chased a villain up the stairs, over a balcony and across the main stage. The denouement happened in this alley.

arrow a9 e-2

Stephen Amell did not fail today’s Arrow stunt. He looks focused and ready for his public face-off next Monday with wrestler Stardust aka Cody Rhodes at WWE’s Monday Night RAW.


Arrow began production on 4×03 Restoration today with its Stunt Team hard at work in the alley behind Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Amell performed the stunt of a car hitting Oliver Queen in tandem with stunt double Simon Burnett.

arrow a31 e

Stephen Amell walks through stunt.

arrow a21 e

Fixing mic.

arrow a e

arrow a19 e

Limbering up.

arrow a1 e

Focused and ready.

arrow a2 e-2 sharpened

arrow a4 e

Arrow stunt team then brought out the mats for Simon Burnett to complete the stunt.

And then Arrow moved production into the Orpheum Theatre.

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